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Our patients’ health is our priority. Support the We Should Talk campaign.

Our patients’ health is our priority. Show your support for the We should talk campaign by registering your name on our Engagement wall, which will be displayed in the hospital.

The We should talk campaign is designed to encourage patients, family members and staff members to communicate when a safety issue arises. It also aims to encourage a collaborative approach when something’s not right.

Whether you’re a staff member, a family member or a patient, your role is important.

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Thanks to our partners.

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Here are some tips for improving communication when a problem arises:

The timing

Tip #1

Choose the right moment! A security issue which poses an immediate threat must be dealt with as soon as possible. If a problem is less urgent, you can ask a question such as: "I would like to talk about ___ because ___. When would be a good time?"

The wording

Tip #2

To start the conversation, you can say: "I am very concerned about ___ because ___. Can we talk about it now?"

The confirmation

Tip #3

To ensure that you understand the security issue, it’s a good idea to confirm by stating: "If I understand correctly, your concern is __."

The partnership

Tip #4

Wanting to partner with others means being open to alternative ideas. Allow others to voice suggestions by adding: "What do you think?"

The commitment

Tip #5

If an issue comes up again, you can say: "This is the second time we encounter this problem despite having done ___. What can we do to avoid this happening again?"